Therapy Categories


BITS provides therapy exercise and outcomes assessment for vision, cognition, motor, and balance abilities. BITS therapies cover a wide range of exercises for patients with deficits resulting from traumatic injuries and movement disorders as well as competitive athletes. Each therapy category serves a unique function and clinical focus



Trail Making Assessment challenges working memory, visual attention, and task switching

Bell Cancellation task allows for a quantitative and qualitative assessment of visual neglect

Berg Balance Scale assesses static balance ability, fall risk and the executive functions of planning and foresight for patients with objective scoring measure.

Functional Reach Tests limits of stability by measuring the maximum distance a patient can reach.

Romberg Test assesses the effect on static balance with varying visual and propioceptive input.

Sensory Integration Test (SIT) assesses postural stability in stance with varying visual, proprioceptive & vestibular inputs.

Maze Test assesses attention, visuoconstructional ability and the executive functions of planning and foresight.

Visual Scan & Motor Reaction assesses visuomotor coordination, peripheral awareness, hand speed, reaction time and endurance.

Static Postural Sway assesses patient’s postural sway while maintaining balance in a fixed position.

Dynamic Postural Sway assess weight shifting, range of motion and postural control with guided exercise.

BITS 3.0 Therapy Categories

Visual Scanning

Designed to asses and challenge visuomotor coordination, visual attention, peripheral awareness, hand speed, reaction time, and cognitive training.

Visual Pursuit*

Designed to challenge and assess visuomotor coordination, peripheral awareness, reaction time, and cognitive training.


Designed to challenge and assess visual memory, auditory memory, visual/ auditory motor planning, and cognitive training.

Visual Motor

Designed to challenge and asses visual-motor integration, visual form perception, and peripheral awareness.


Designed to challenge and assess visual search skills, accuracy, speed of response, and visual and auditory processing.

Static Balance

Designed to challenge, assess and track postural stability, postural orientation and trunk control while body it at rest. Balance exercises are combined with cognitive and visuomotor activities.

Dynamic Balance

Designed to challenge, assess and track weight shifting, postural control and limits of stability while the body is in motion. Challenge dual-tasking capability by combining vision, motor and cognitive activities with balance training.

Optokinetic Static and Optokinetic Dynamic*

Optokinetic programs are split into static and dynamic trainings and layer visual distortion with statis and dynamic balance therapy exercises. The optokinetic stimulation challenges the smooth and saccadic eye movements, asseses image stabilization and tracks the vestibulo-ocular reflex.


Designed to challenge, assess and track gaze stabilization and habituation, with or without head movements.

*Warning: The programs found in the Visual Pursuit, Optokinetic Static, Optokinetic Dynamic and Vestibular Therapy Category utilize moving and rotating graphics that may cause dizziness, vertigo, or nausea in sensitive patients. Individuals experiences dizziness, vertigo, or nausea while using BITS should discontinue use immediately.