A streamlined solution to assess, treat and track patient progress.

It's Progress You Can Touch

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New ways to keep your patients engaged

Recovery starts at the bedside and continues in the clinic and the rehab gym. At every stage of the process, patients need to be challenged and motivated.

  55” Display Mobile Bedside
Standing Activities
Pre-Gait Activities
Over-the-Bed Positioning
Hospital Room
Visual Field Training
Upper Extremity ROM and Reaching
Small Spaces

The power of BITS within arm's reach

BITS is now available with three unique hardware configurations, expanding utilization to more patients and new care locations.

New BITS Bedside & BITS Mobile configuration features:

Medical Grade system designed to meet functionality and safety standards for clinical environments.
Adjustable height for use in a hospital bed or seated at a desk or table with an articulating arm for easy positioning.
Antimicrobial touchscreen computer to reduce the accumulation and spread of pathogens.
Waterproof touchscreen computer for easy cleaning.
Internal Battery Backup for ease of transportation and switching between patients.

How are you keeping your patients motivated?

BITS offers six main therapy categories with a total of 24 unique programs and four standardized assessments.  Each program has progressing levels of difficulty. Variables can be tailored to individual needs and abilities. The result is -- hundreds of therapy options to keep your patients engaged as they work toward their rehabilitation goals.

And BITS features a vibrant interface that will keep patients of all ages engaged while giving them immediate performance feedback. One program even allows for “competition” between two users. BITS is designed to make therapy feel more like “play” than “work”.


How are you maximizing patient outcomes?

BITS gives you an easy, nearly instantaneous method to create progress reports, helping you quantify results so your patients can get to the next level.

As part of a full therapy regimen, BITS can be a motivating technology during therapy sessions. Examples of potential benefits include:

Clinical Goal Potential Quality of Life Impact
Enhance eye-hand coordination Boost confidence while completing ADLs
Improve peripheral vision Maintain functions critical for independence such as driving
Build cognitive endurance and memory recall Promote social engagement
Increase visual search and scanning abilities Improve sense of safety and confidence to move about one's environment

Which patients will benefit most from BITS?

BITS offers 24 unique therapy programs and four standardized assessments with customizable features designed to enhance physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy outcomes.

BITS is a therapy tool that can be used with patients who are experiencing:

  • Visual field loss, visual-spatial neglect, and visual-vestibular integration problems
  • Rhythmicity, problem solving and cognitive challenges

BITS can be used to enhance:
Visual pursuits, fixation stability, eye-hand coordination, visual reaction time, speed and span of recognition, automaticity, contrast sensitivity, plus visual and auditory sequencing and memory.