Bioness Integrated Therapy System

BITS is an affordable and versatile solution for vision, motor and balance training. From gross motor function to fine motor skills. BITS can help you challenge, assess and track patient progress.


Bringing Balance to Life

Personalize and configure balance training sessions for patients at every level of mobility throughout their rehabilitation.

The Power of BITS within Arm’s Reach

Supine, Sitting to Standing – BITS has you covered. Take advantage of BITS Bedside, BITS Mobile and BITS 55” Configurations for your facility.

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All-in-One Therapy System

BITS is a multidisciplinary tool that keeps patients engaged across the continuum of care. With BITS, therapists can maximize:

Patient engagement

Motivate patients to progress with stimulating therapy exercises.

Clinical Utility

Provide more training options with over 60 programs in a single system.

Clinical Efficiency

Accomplish more with a single session and demonstrate outcomes over time.


Bringing Balance to Life

Elevate Balance training for your patients

Balance training can help reduce risk of injury and promote fall prevention¹. Realize the benefits of dual-task training on balance performance. Combine vision, cognitive, motor and balance tasks with NEW BITS Balance. Challenge and assess patient’s overall balance, stability and strength with over 40 new programs and versatile balance tracking.

BITS Versatile Balance Tracking

Track patient’s movements during balance exercises using a body worn motion sensor or balance platform that detects posterior, anterior and lateral movements. Personalize and configure balance training sessions for patients at every level of mobility throughout their rehabilitation.

¹ Davis, J., Donaldson, M., Ashe, M., & Khan, K. (2004). The role of balance and agility training in fall reduction: A comprehensive review [Abstract]. Eura Medicophys, 40(3), 211-221. Retrieved August 20, 2020.

BITS 3.0 Clinical Focus


Visual Scanning:

Visual motor coordiation, scanning reaction time & peripheral awareness

Visual Pursuit:

Visual tracking, motor skill planning & cognitive skills



Working memory, visual/auditory processing, divided attention impulsivity & timing


Visual Motor:

Visual spatial perception, motor coordination & attention


Visual search, attention & visual auditory processing


Static Balance:

Challenge posture and orientation during cognitive & visuomotor activity

Dynamic Balance:

Combine cognitive processing & balance control

Vestibular Training:

Gaze stabilization with excercises that involve eye &head movements

Optokinetic Stimulation:

Incorporate visual distortion to challenge eye movements


Therapy Options for Broad Patient Use

  1. Utilize for pre-gait activities such as standing tolerance and balance while engaging the patient in upper extremity, cognitive, or visuo-motor tasks
  2. Promote upper extremity therapy activities such as reaching and crossing mid-line
  3. Cognitive training and memory processing post TBI/ABI
  4. Hand-object-eye coordination activities – hitting targets with thrown ball or extended dowel
  5. Challenge range of motion by reaching outside of base of support with dynamic balance activities
  6. Push limits of stability during seated or standing balance therapy exercises
  7. Assess balance control and postural stability post stroke
  8. Engage patients in dual tasking by combining cognitive, motor or vision tasks with balance control
  9. Incorporate optokinetic stimulation to serve as visual distortion and engage the vestibular system
  10. Use quadrant loading for individuals with visual field deficits or unilateral neglect

Adapting the Power of BITS to Your Needs

Recovery starts at the bedside and continues in the clinic and the rehab gym. At every stage of the process, patients need to be challenged and motivated.

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